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With 8 years of experience supporting births, it is a special privilege to treat expectant, laboring and new mothers.


Cushions are placed at key points to support your body and promote the utmost relaxation while this massage helps relieve the aches and discomforts of pregnancy.  The babies seem to enjoy it as well!

For mothers near, on or over term.
With this massage, various modalities are utilized to encourage your body to first relax and then to stimulate the release of hormones to increase and strengthen the labor process.
Though often successful in helping to encourage or strengthen labor, every woman and every pregnancy is different so the results differ as well.  In my experience, the greater the signs that the body is ready for birth, the higher the rate of success. Of course, labor and birth are natural processes and there can be no guarantee of the onset of active labor with this method; however, I have noted in the few cases where medical induction became necessary after this treatment, the inductions went very quickly.  3 went to the pushing stage in under 15 minutes and 2 had successful VBAC.

This massage targets the areas most likely to be stressed due to birth and taking care of a new baby.  It also employs the use of  heat and a soothing  oil on the abdomen to encourage the healing process after birth.

Prenatal Massage Testimony:
I work as a medical assistant in a local physician’s office.
When I went to see Paris for my first visit I was having a lot of lower back and hip pain which is a common problem in pregnancy. I was very impressed by Paris’ professionalism and concern for my pain and problems. I walked out of the first session feeling refreshed with all of my aches and pains gone and feeling as good as I did before I was pregnant. 
I have never walked out after a session with Paris having any pain or discomfort, I have always left feeling amazing and refreshed.
Paris has also worked with me to naturally encourage my unborn child to move from the breach position to a head down position.
I recommend Paris to all of our pregnant patients who are having back pain, sciatica, and all of the body pain that comes with being pregnant.
~Amber M. Concord


SWEDISH MASSAGE-An overall relaxation massage to release tension from the body. Usually an initial massage with new clients.

NEUROMUSCULAR THERAPY-A deep muscle massage for chronic pain and faulty body movement.

AROMATHERAPY- Natural oils extracted from flowers, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant rubbed onto the body with a carrier oil and/or diffused into the air. Aromatherapy can enhance the effectiveness of other modalities by promoting physical and psychological well-being.* (Recommended for labor massage).

                                    Duration And Pricing

30 min. $35
60 min. $55
90 min. $85 (recommended for labor massage)
*Add $10 to any therapy



Comforting with touch has always been more natural to me than any other way,  and  supporting births as a doula, I noticed how very helpful and comforting massage was to laboring mothers.
 One evening, during my devotional time, in my mind's eye I saw a picture of two types of water-- a stagnant stream of water-odorous and mucky in which nothing healthy could thrive and a flowing stream of water- carrying away any debris which fell into it, clear and supporting of healthy life.
We live because blood and other vital fluids flow throughout our bodies.  if this flow begins to stagnate it results in imbalance causing sickness and malfunction.

I wanted to learn more and that desire took me to New York College of Health Professions to study massage therapy.
What I learned was that touch not only comforts and encourages, but can also help release stagnating fluids and tissues to restore a more healthy flow.

In 2005, I came to Charlotte, graduated from Southeastern School of Neuromuscular and Massage Therapy and began to practice as a licensed therapist as well as continuing to support families in childbirth.

In 2008, I was certified in perinatal massage which includes preconception, prenatal, labor and postpartum massage with Nurturing the Mother(r).

I am pleased to be an affiliate and accepting massage clients at Stress Medic in Concord as well as supporting expectant families in the greater Charlotte area.

It is my joy to help achieve relief and comfort in the body, peace of mind, respite for the soul and to honor God with the gifts He has given me of empathy, encouragement and service to others.

Be blessed and balanced!

Paris Henry
NC LMBT #6301

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